Long Distance Movers

Have you decided to move out of Plano, Texas? We are sorry to see you go, but we are happy to help you set off on this new stage of your life. Our long distance moving services are reliable, affordable, and designed to make the move easier.

Why Choose Us for Long Distance Moving Services?

Though we are a moving company based in Plano, Texas, we have experience with moves all over the country. Here are some of the reasons you will be glad you choose us as your long distance movers:

  • Professional movers and drivers
  • GPS-enabled trucks with air suspension
  • Dedicated moving trucks and freighting options
  • Fair rates based on pounds of goods, not volume
  • Multiple moving insurance options
  • Licensed and bonded for long distance moves
  • Great customer service
  • Free estimates on moving services

Planning for Your Long Distance Move

It takes good planning and coordination to make sure a long distance move goes smoothly. Instead of using generic formulas to estimate long distance moves (and end up having your belongings arrive late!), we have a dedicated agent look at the details of each move individually. The agent will calculate exactly how far the moving truck will travel per day, where the truck will be at each stage, and plan so your belongings arrive at your new home at the exact time you want. Thanks to this detailed planning, our movers and drivers are never exhausted or overworked, so you get the best level of service and don’t have to worry about accidents occurring.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe during the Move

We know that your belongings are important to you and you don’t want anything to happen to them. To ensure all our moves are damage-free, we have taken steps to plan for every bump in the road and the transport of every fragile item.

The most important thing to keep your belongings safe during the move is to hire a reliable, trustworthy moving team. All of our movers are background checked and have experience in the moving industry. We give them training on moving methods like how to carry heavy furniture, how to load electronics, and how to stack and strap in items so they don’t topple over during the long haul to your new home.

In addition to having the best movers in Plano, we also take other steps to keep your belongings safe. Trucks are clean and equipped with air suspension ride. We provide free furniture blankets and wrapping so nothing gets scratched. Mattresses are always kept safe in our free mattress boxes. It is also important to keep your home safe during the move. We do this by putting down carpet runners and wall guards. All of these extras are absolutely free because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay extra for a safe, damage-free move.

Insurance for Long Distance Moves

We are a fully licensed and insured moving company based out of Plano, Texas. Under Texas law, all moving companies are required to offer a minimum insurance coverage of 60 cents per pound of belongings. We have an impeccable track record and no accidents have occurred which have caused us to use this moving insurance, but it still gives our customers peace of mind knowing that it is there. We can also offer other insurance options for your long distance move, including Full Value Protection. This means we will cover the entire cost of your belongings should they get damaged, broken, or lost in the move.

Costs of Long Distance Moving Services

Long distance moves are typically charged on a per-pound rate. You won’t find a moving company which offers flat rates for long distance moves. It is too risky because customers could hide some objects during the estimate and then sneak them onto the moving truck later. If you do find a flat rate moving company in Texas, the prices will likely be very inflated or have hidden fees to account for any issues which might arise.

Our long distance moving rates are very fairly priced. We know that our rates are better than our competitors, so we aren’t shy about giving out free estimates. Moving estimates are given at your home after the agent has assessed how many things you have to move. The estimate is also given in writing and will not change when you come to sign a moving contract with us. If you get rid of items after the estimate, then you can expect to pay less than what the initial estimate said.

In addition to the per-pound rate, long distance moves are also calculated based on how far you have to move and any additional moving services you might need such as packing or vehicle shipping.

Want to find out how much your long distance move will cost?

Contact us to schedule your free moving estimate. We will gladly explain each cost, all of our services, what’s included, and how to make this move the easiest one yet.