Commercial Movers

Plano, Texas is a thriving economic center with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and a high rate of job growth. With this growth often comes the need to relocate your business. Whether you need relocations services within, to, or from Plano, we are here to assist with reliable moving services.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Relocation Services?

We have been in the moving business for over 15 years and understand the complex needs of business who are relocating. Because we are based in Plano, we are able to assist in all aspects of your local commercial move and have a vast understanding of local policies. permits, building access, and traffic. Here are some of the reasons you will be glad you chose us for commercial relocation services:

  • Licensed, insured and bonded mover
  • Located locally in Plano, Texas
  • Background-checked movers
  • Professional moving equipment and trucks
  • Flexible moving services
  • Multiple moving insurance options
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Temporary storage
  • Moving logistics coordination
  • Specialty moving services
  • Free on-site moving estimates
  • Affordable rates and no hidden fees, ever
  • And much more!

Your Specialists in Office Moves

Over the years, we have helped businesses in multiple industries successfully relocate to new locations. This includes businesses such as restaurants, salons, retail stores, manufacturers, and warehouses. However, our primary specialty is in assisting with office relocations.

Office relocations are highly complex because they involve so many electronics, sensitive data such as files, and office furniture which needs to be disassembled. There is also the need to coordinate with all departments in the office. Communication is key with office moves. When all departments know what is going on and their role in the move, there is less confusion and less downtime. We strive to get your business packed, moved, and unpacked in a swift, efficient manner so you can start working again immediately.

As a commercial customer, you will get individual attention from a dedicated moving coordinator who specializes in office moves. The agent will help you plan the various aspects of the move, including troubleshooting problems and finding the right solutions suited to your exact needs. There is no challenge we aren’t equipped to handle!

Packing Services for Commercial Relocations

In some cases, it is good to get your team on board to pack up everything for the move. Having your employees help with the packing can give them a greater sense of control and also make unpacking easier. However, to make self-pack work, you must make sure every single employee is advised on the best packing practices and that careful inventorying and labeling takes place. Unfortunately, most commercial businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to train their employees on how to pack. Items get lost or broken, resulting in damages and downtime. In most cases, it is better to have your employees focus on work and not packing.

Rather than trying to tackle the huge task of packing for your business relocation yourself, use our professional packing services. We carefully manage the task by breaking down your business into stations. Each station is packed and labeled individually to allow for greater organization. This greatly speeds up unpacking time and ensures that no items are ever lost or end up in the wrong department.

We use high quality packing materials which are specially designed for commercial business equipment. Electronic cables are labeled and packed with their main components in specialty electronics crates. Files can often be moved within the filing cabinets. When files must be removed, they are put in file boxes which are labeled to ensure they don’t get misplaced.

Our commercial packing services include furniture disassembly and reassembly, as well as furniture wrapping. We always pack professionally to make sure your business equipment and furniture stays safe during transport.

Full Value Protection for Commercial Moves

In addition to our basic moving coverage, we also offer Full Value Protection for commercial moves. This gives business owners peace of mind that, in the unlikely event that any items are damaged or lost, that they will be covered for their full worth. During your free moving estimate, our agents will explain insurance options to you and help you understand what coverage best suits your needs.

Want to know how much your commercial relocation will cost?

We offer free on-site moving estimates. A moving agent will come to your business to assess the quantity and type of belongings which need to be moved. All of our moving services will be carefully explained at this time. You will then be provided with a detailed price estimate in writing for the moving services. Should you decide to use us as your commercial mover, we will work closely with you at each step to ensure all needs are met. Contact us today to schedule your free moving estimate.

Background Check on all Moving Staff

We know that you want a moving company in Plano that you can trust. We strive to exceed your expectations for trustworthiness in everything we do, starting with background checks on all of our movers and staff.

Why Background Checks Matter When Choosing a Moving Company

Obviously, you want to make sure that the moving company you chose didn’t hire someone with a criminal record for burglary or stealing! However, this isn’t the only reason you should choose a moving company which background checks their employees.

When a moving company performs mandatory background checks on all employees, it is a sign that the moving company is committed to building a business and not just a service. There are many small, cheap moving companies who start out by renting trucks and grabbing a few random day laborers to perform weekend moves. These moving companies don’t have experience and aren’t reliable. By contrast, a moving company which runs background checks on its employees is going to be much more reliable in everything they do.

A Full-Time Staff of Trustworthy Movers

We have a full-time staff of movers, and they have all been thoroughly screened (past employment history, online checks) and had background checks to prove their records are clean. By keeping a full-time staff of movers, we are able to offer much more reliable moving services than the competitors. We would absolutely never pull random strangers off the street (day laborers) to move your belongings. Yes, other moving companies really do this!

Our movers aren’t just trustworthy when it comes to honesty, but you can also trust them to be skilled at what they do. After we hire new movers, they aren’t allowed to perform any moving services until they have gone through training. When our movers arrive at your home, you can rest assured that they will know how to expertly handle all of your fragile items, how to keep your home clean and free of damage, and prevent furniture from getting scratched. This reliability is only possible by having a full-time team of movers on our staff.

We are proud of what we do and know that you will be pleased with the level of service you receive. Contact us today to schedule a free moving estimate or to learn more about our moving services in Plano, Texas.